21. AUGUST 2021

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  • 10:00     Event starts
  • 10:05     SHOW: Dunking Devils on the Supernova trampoline
  • 10:15     Competition: Triglav Champion
  • 15:00     SHOW: Sports club SALTO, F&B Acrobatics, Dunking Devils
  • 17:20     SHOW: F&B Acrobatics, Dunking Devils
  • 18:05     Qualifications Freestyle Battle 5×5
  • 19:20     Qualifications Supernova Top Trick
  • 20:10     Show: Duo Kamikazete
  • 20:15     Finals Freestyle Battle 5×5
  • 20:45     Finals Supernova Top Trick
  • 21:15     Competition: WOOP! Bigest Bounce


Throughout the entire event, there will be different activations in the fan zone.

  • Friday, 20.8.2021 > 16.00 – 20.00
  • Saturday, 21.8.2021 > 10.00 – 20.00


Woop! Bounce bridge Ljubljana / Made by Akrobat is a fresh, innovative sport event like the world has never seen before. The idea for the event was drawn from a series of high-profile events organised by the Extrem Agency on the Ljubljanica river (water surface volleyball and bouldering over the Ljubljanica River) and the Dunking Devils Supernova biggest trampoline in the world. Vidoes of the Dunking Devils flying 12m into the air on the Supernova trampoline have been seen by more than 50 million people on outlets including CNN, Fox News and the Ellen Show.

So we decided to join forces and be the first in history to place the largest trampoline in the world above the water. We invited 2 renowned Slovenian companies to join us, Woop! the best trampoline park in Slovenia and Akrobat, a world renowned manufacturer of trampolines, the company Akrobat.

We will conjure up an unforgettable adrenaline experience in the heart of the capital for the inhabitants and visitors of Ljubljana, and at the same time we will hold a series of high-level competitions. With this sports and recreational event, we want to bring gymnastics and trampolining closer to visitors and increase their interest in this sport. At the same time, our goal is to encourage inactive participants to exercise and, under the watchful eye of coaches, enable them to try their hand at trampoline jumping for free and be among the first to cross the Ljubljanica over the trampoline bridge.


Woop! Bounce bridge Ljubljana / Made by Akrobat will take place on the 21st of August 2021 on Novi trg, Ljubljana and will cover all-day events. International competitions will take place throughout the day:

– Freestyle Trampoline Battle on a 5×5 Freestyle trampoline
– Olympic Trampoline Competition via FIG rules
– Best Trick Competition on the 12mx12m Supernova trampoline


The event will be opened with an acrobatic performance, which will be accompanied by activities for visitors in the “fan zone”, where it will bounce from one side to the other of the activities of our partners. As part of the animation program, the bravest visitors will be able to try their hand at jumping on a trampoline and cross the trampoline bridge under the watchful eye of professional acrobats. In the late afternoon, there will be a show on the trampoline wall, and in the evening, a spectacular show on the mega trampoline, which will serve viewers with a spectacle of salt, twists, jumps and tricks.


The breathtaking venue will be set on an aluminum structure above the water level of the Ljubljanica. The venue will include:

  • – Supernova the largest trampoline in the world 12m x 12m
  • – Freestyle trampoline 5×5m
  • – 2x Olympic trampoline 3x5m
  • – Tramp wall
  • – Tramp bridge

In addition, we will set up a real trampoline park on the Novi trg square for all visitors.

Oddbito na Ljubljanici
Odbito na Ljubljanici
Odbito na Ljubljanici


Dunking Devils – a team of crazy dudes and Extrem – the organizers of the many outstanding event ideas, joined forces and came up with a new idea! The biggest trampoline in the world was already displayed hanging in the sky. On the other hand  volleyball was played on the Ljubljanica river and we could also watch climbing experience over the river… What else can we surprise you with? We got a new idea in already implemented projects and upgraded it to become CRAZY enough:

Two spectacles on the Ljubljanica river, which took place on and above the water level of the Ljubljanica marked our capital on the map of cities with the most attractive volleyball court and one with the most spectacular climbing walls in the world. The events impressed the world public.

Specialists for big events who promise and realize different experiences and have many experiences in organizing daring events came from agency EXTREM.

The largest trampoline in the world, hanging high in the air, has driven the world crazy! The attraction, which has already been seen by more than 14 million people, has been written about by the world’s largest media and stars, including CNN, Fox News and Ellen DeGeneres

The team that already breaked all kind of world records and the team that puts all known laws of physics on fragile ground with any new project is the DUNKING DEVILS team.